How can I become a member?

To become a member of the SPBD all you need to do is:
Fill in the registration form (pdf, word) and send it together with membership payment confirmation to spbd.tesouraria[at]

What are the membership fees per year?
Your membership fee will depend on your academic degree:

€25.00   Ph.D. holders
€10.00   5 year University or Masters degree
€  5.00   3 year University degree or Masters students

How can I pay my membership fee?
Payment should be done by bank transfer and transaction confirmation should be mailed to spbd.tesouraria[at]

NIB      0036 0350 99100011880 73   (Montepio)
IBAN    PT50 0036 0350 99100011880 73

What are the advantages  of being an SPBD member? 

1.       Be part of a lively and enthusiastic community!
2.       Participate and be a Speaker in the DIA meetings.
3.       Be eligible for lower registration fees to attend SPBD meetings, including those organized by other societies, when jointly with SPBD.
4.       Benefit from transport organized by the SPBD for its members.
5.       Get discounts to ISDB meetings (see
6.       Apply for funding to support PhD thesis printing.

If you have any questions, please contact us at spbd.tesouraria[at]