About SPBD

The SPBD was created in 2006 and was launched with pomp and circumstance in a successful meeting at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência. Read here what the first SPBD president, Isabel Palmeirim, has to say about the first steps of the SPBD and read the enthusiastic meeting report published in the International Journal of Developmental Biology.

So SPBD organised its 1st National Meeting at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência in October 2006. Then in November 2010, SPBD joined the SEBD (Sociedad Española de Biología del Desarrollo) and held a joint meeting in Badajoz. In November 2012, we joined the SEBD again, this time in Granada. SPBD held its 2nd Meeting in Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa, jointly with SEBD and in association with the SPCE-TC (Sociedade Portuguesa de Células Estaminais e Terapia Celular), on 24-26 October 2013. In 2014, SPBD associated itself with SEBD in the Xth SEBD Meeting in Madrid, on 13-15 October. The 3rd SPBD Meeting was held with the SEBD and the BSDB (British Society for Developmental Biology) in Algarve on 7-10 October 2015.

The history of Research and Teaching in Developmental Biology has been put together and was published in the Iberia issue of the International Journal of Developmental Biology. Read here about the birth of research and teaching of Developmental Biology in Portugal.

The Development in Action (DiA) meetings of the SPBD are informal meetings designed to consolidate the Developmental Biology community. For more information click here.


Current SPBD Board

Leonor Saúde

Diogo Castro

Cláudia Gaspar

Voting Members 
Ana Ribeiro
Rita Fior
Susana Lopes
Tatiana Resende
Pedro Barbacena
Tomás Pais de Azevedo

The President and Vice-President can be reached at: board.spbd [at] gmail.com

The Treasurer can be reached at: spbd.tesouraria [at] gmail.com

General Assembly of SPBD

Domingos Henrique

Rui Martinho

Gabriela Rodrigues

Fiscal Council of SPBD

Sólveig Thorsteinsdóttir

Raquel P. Andrade

Raquel Lourenço